About us.

Out of the current expansion and increase of investment volume in the different business fields and markets in Yemen, there is a vital need for service companies and establishments that contribute effectively to the business sector and the society as a whole. Integrity, credibility, and transparency are of our most important principles in everything that we implement, represent, or carry out. We promise the excellence, accuracy, and speed of implementation and completion of high quality works and services we represent and provide, thanks to the staff and long experience in providing efficiency and distinguished services for our beloved country and people.

Our first commercial and business activity started in the field of lubricants in 1974. Since then, there has been continuous expansion in the form of branches in the main cities. The expansion was also into other commercial and investment fields. MSI was established in conformation with the applicable laws and regulation in force in the Republic of Yemen. We are authorized to implement and carry out all the trade and commercial activities that the investment, industrial, or oil companies need in the fields of computer technology, oil services, and fisheries export.